Think Local


It seems like gone are the days that the neighborhood stores knew everyone and everyone knew them. It’s easier to just buy it online or run to <enter big box store name here> because you can get it all in one place. While that may be true, they don’t offer you community, personalization, or a place where you can get items the “other” stores don’t offer, at least not made with the same love, care and quality.

Think Local Greater Boston was created to bring our beloved small businesses to consumers. It’s easy to forget that our small businesses mean so much more to our community, how much harder they work than the big box stores, how much more personal attention you get when you visit. When you give your patronage to a small business you walk out like family.  

Here you will find the businesses that thread our communities together. So look around, I’ll bet you didn’t know that your favorite item, food, drink or service is right around the corner and brought to you by a family, friend, or neighbor.

Word of mouth referrals are like gold to the amazing places. If there is a small business you really love that you’d love to see featured please send us an email at and tell us who they are and why you love them!