Are You Making These 5 Common Skin Care Mistakes?

Sun bathing skin care

There are five common skin care mistakes that you might be making that’s keeping you from achieving the skin you want. These mistakes are sometimes not considered as you turn to skincare products to resolve issues that arise.

Poor Sun Protection

There’s no argument that the sun can feel quite nice on your skin. Some mistakenly believe that it’s okay to soak up those rays, as long as you don’t walk away with red skin after your session in the sun. The radiation from UV light breaks down skin cells and over time and can cause wrinkles, dark spots, and even cancer.

While your skin does turn red because your body is trying to combat the damage the sun has done with extra blood flow, you could still be aging yourself prematurely and causing damage you won’t see as quickly by not protecting yourself when you’re out in the sun.

Don’t wait until you’re older to start wearing sunscreen or covering up. If you didn’t heed warnings in your younger years now is the time to begin protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least thirty, and wearing protective clothing will go a long way towards keeping your skin healthy.

Showering Too Often

Hot showers bad for skin

This one can be a deal breaker when it comes to skincare. While showering too frequently can be problematic for your skin, how hot you make your shower is actually the bigger issue. Showering strips your body of its natural oils which aid in keeping your skin moisturized. So, taking several showers in one day is doing more harm than good by damaging the top layers of your skin.

There are many people who can tell you of the relaxing comfort of a long hot shower. But few things will dry out your skin faster than an extended hot shower. Lukewarm or cold showers not only improve blood circulation, but they help keep moisture locked in and aid in tightening skin.

Abusing Drugs

Drugs, prescription and illegal, can be the root of your problem if you’re experiencing skin issues. Prescription drugs, especially drugs that alter hormone levels, can cause a variety of problems ranging from acne outbreaks to troublesome rashes.

Unsurprisingly, illicit drugs do more damage than prescribed medications, generally speaking. Addiction to cocaine can lead to the death of skin cells, chronic skin ulcers, blackening of the palms, fibrous skin tissue, inflamed blood vessels, and other skin problems.

Failure to Moisturize

Moisturize your skin

Failing to moisturize your skin is a big no-no. Moisturizing should be a part of your daily skincare routine and include not just your face but your entire body. After every shower, bath, or face wash, you should be applying a quality moisturizer. Skipping this step can result in premature wrinkles and patchy dry skin.

Poor Nutrition

nutrition for skin

What you put inside your body is just as important as what you put on it. Your skin is a meter to your health. This is why those addicted to drugs often have poor skin quality. Make sure that you’re consuming adequate water and fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. No amount of creams and potions will fix the problems of skin that is showing problems due to issues happening internally.

These five common skin care mistakes can be easily resolved as you work good practices into your daily skincare routine. Addressing these areas could mean the difference between continuing to struggle with skin problems and achieving the great skin you want.

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