Senior Pictures | Jesse Finn | Holt Hill Andover MA

This Senior is going to crush it!

Jesse Finn…what an amazing person you are! First of all you totally rocked your photo shoot, you are an extremely genuine and caring person, and you will take the world by storm! I can’t wait to see what you will do. I am predicting you will be a champion boxer and real estate investment mogul!

I have known Jesse’s family for about a year so when it was time to have his senior pictures done, I was honored they chose me. Jesse and I met with his Mom Claudia to talk about what he envisioned his senior picture to look like. He loves to be outdoors so we threw around ideas of his favorite places and landed on Holt Hill in Andover, MA. This area has some breathtaking scenery and when you get to the top you can see Boston! 

We started at the bottom and not too far up there is an amazing field backdrop that everyone got excited about. The main picture is one we took at that location. Under the trees it can get a little darker so Jesse’s sister Hannah was happy to learn how to use a reflector! Thanks Hannah! 

Next on our way to the top was the woods. It was later in the evening so we had some amazing golden light coming through and hitting the trees, of course we had to stop! This is the location Jesse chose his yearbook photo from! Check this out!

Senior Boy Picture

We made it to the top!

Next up on the trail was the summit! It is so cool that you can see Boston from here! We got some nice images of Jesse up here as well. Check them out.

What did they say?

I asked mom (Claudia) to tell us a fun fact about the session.  Here is what she said:

“We went to Holt Hill to photograph Jesse (Finn)’s senior pictures.  We had a lot of laughs a long the way including Jenessa trying to instruct Jesse on how to stand (left leg out, right leg up, hand in pocket, knee in, elbow up, chin down, head tilted)…it was like playing Twister :)))  And Hannah making bunny ears behind Jenessa to get a big smile out of Jesse (even though I liked the “serious” look.  And all this while trying to figure out when Dusk was coming so we wouldn’t get our cars towed!”

Her favorite part of the experience:

“We’ve known Jenessa for a little over a  year now but feel like we’ve known her for years.  I think Jenessa letting Jesse decide where he wanted his shots taken was the best part.  Allowing him make this about HIM I thought was very special!  She was so open to any suggestions Jesse made and he ultimately decided on Holt Hill.”

Her advice for anyone getting their pictures done:

“Don’t over stress about your pictures.  Just come and enjoy the experience and  just let Jenessa do the rest.”


Again, I am full of gratitude and extremely honored to take your senior pictures Jesse! Keep reaching for the moon!

For information on your own session, you can reach out to me here! I look forward to meeting you!

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