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This Personal Branding Session was Personal....

Her old story....

Barbara and I met because she was stepping out of her comfort zone. The first time we spoke she told me she needed personal branding but wasn’t photogenic, and my honest response to her was, no one is photogenic. It’s my job as your photographer to find the light and angles that flatter you, guide you with posing, and take the best images you have ever seen of yourself. She thought I may be crazy but decided to give it a go because she needed images for her business and for her social media.

Andover MA Personal Branding

Her new story...

Her first post to her fellow women in business said:

“Old Story: “I’m not photogenic”

New Story: “I’m a total badass who shines from the inside.”

THAT is how good a photographer Jenessa MacKenzie is. I had so much fun doing this branding shoot with her and highly recommend her if your ready to level up your website & social media images”

Yup…I would say she is a total badass!

outdoor personal branding portrait

What fuels Barbara's fire....

Barbara is a daring spirit….literally. Her website ( focuses on micro meditation and mindfulness techniques. A quote from her website says “Meditation is not only for monks and mystics on mountaintops: I know that those of us with boots on the ground in busy lives can benefit from the clarity, focus, and reduced anxiety that a consistent meditation practice can provide – and I make it accessible to all.” (Did I mention she has an exceptional sense of humor!) She also recently added a physical well being component to her practice and will receive her Yoga Teacher Training next year! She believes in making your own destiny and creating your own path and loves the fact that she can work anywhere and can make her own schedule!

She is ON FIRE!!

On top of all of these amazing accomplishments she is also one of the most thoughtful, funny, and down to earth people I have ever met!

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