The Pena Family | Benson Park, Hudson NH

This amazing family of five were so much fun to spend time with! We met at Benson Park in Hudson, NH for a family session on a abnormally warm day in October. Regardless of the humidity that day this bunch was happy and full of personality!  

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Mary and Bill head up the clan. Mary is the best baker in the world but she says “No one will ever know it because my icing skills are so terrible!” So I am sure that means that Bill gets some great treats while he is watching his favorite, Dr. Who!

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Next up is this fabulous trio! Billy, Sara, and Linda! Seriously, how cute are they! 

Billy has got the groove and is a hip hop dance star and according to Mary does a pretty mean worm!  

Sara is a genius and her mom says “She will one day rule us all!” I am putting in my vote now, Sarah for President!

Linda is described as a crafting hurricane! What other kid do you know whose crafts have their own room? Save up Mom and Dad I see an addition to the house in the future!

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We spent about an hour in the park walking the paths, talking and stopping at the cool spots to snap some awesome images! Mary says her favorite thing about the session was “Jenessa kept things moving so that no one got antsy, and she found some amazing spots along the path we took through Benson Park.” I asked her if she had any words of wisdom for other families preparing for a session and she said “We pretty much left it to Jenessa’s judgement and I’m so glad we did. She did an amazing job, you’d never know it was unusually humid and we were all sweating!” The one thing she wished happened a little differently was wardrobe planning, she says “I had to scrap the outfits I planned because it was so hot out. I wish I had thought to plan several outfits ahead of time.”

When it was time to say goodbye to the Pena’s, Mary took the girls to the playground and Bill and Billy were going to skip rocks in the pond, all spending perfect quality family time together. Such an amazing family!

The Pena’s were really excited to share their images with family for Christmas and gave the children’s grandparents 8×10 metal images to display. You should have seen how fast Mary ran with her box of Christmas cards to address the envelopes! I think I saw smoke! When I asked if everyone enjoyed their gifts she said “The grandparents loved the prints we gave them at Christmas. My dad is even asking for an enlargement! And we got tons of compliments on the holiday cards. They came out beautifully.”

Benson Park is a beautiful spot and a great place for any type of portraits or just a fun relaxing day with the family.

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Benson Park Hudson NH sisters at Family Portraits
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