The Art of Empowerment – The next generation

Empowered women empower women


What does it mean to empower someone? According to the definition when searched on Google it means “make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights”. While that may be the technical definition, to me empowerment means so much more. It means that I am a role model and it means YOU are a role model, because with out a role model how are the next generation of women going to know what it means to be empowered, to be stronger and more confident? 

I was extremely lucky to have a group of amazing women in my life growing up. They were strong, determined and kind. When one was weak the others came up behind her to hold her up, THAT is empowerment. Were these women perfect, of course not, and being ok with not being perfect made them even stronger. All young women should have women in their life that will show them how to be empowered while showing them how to empower others.

Your impact on the next generation

Being a woman today is a lot of work! We are moms, sisters, aunts, friends, lovers, cooks, taxi drivers and the list goes on. Being a young girl today looks to be even harder. Body shaming, bullying, boys, friends, the internet and social media. I will have to say I can not imagine what it would have been like to go through middle and high school with social media. Constant “media perfect” images in my face, other kids posting constantly, pictures posted  everywhere in a moment. No thank you. It honestly doesn’t surprise me that anxiety and depression is on a constant rise. 

So what can we do?

 Don’t be perfect!

 No one is perfect and we are not doing a service to the future generations to pretend we are. Own your mistakes and who you are, hold your head up high and push forward.

Believe in yourself 

If you don’t believe in yourself how are you going to convince someone else to believe in themselves? 

Be kind

Show them how to treat themselves by being kind to yourself. So the holidays may have packed a few pounds on to your hips, you do whatever type of activity you love to keep yourself healthy. Don’t make it a big deal. Complaining about our own bodies embeds self doubt in to those young women listening.

Show them how to be kind to others. It takes seconds to hold the door for someone or to say thank you to someone who did it for you. 

Lift others up

Everyone is weak at one point or another. Be there for them, help them the best you can, be the shoulder they lean on or the rock that holds them up. One day it might be you that needs that support.

In order for the next generation of women to be strong, confident, classy powerhouses, we need to show them how. It starts within us. Go forth and EMPOWER!



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